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A letter on motivation:

There’s going to be days of good training, where you hit your PRs, where you hit your macros. You stick to your diet, you said no to dessert, you did good.

Then, there’s going to be days where you fall short of your PR. Your coach looks at your kicks and punches and asks you where’s your head at. You pulled a muscle. You had your colleague’s birthday cake, and maybe a glass of wine, or two, or .. a bottle.


I’m gonna be frank with you. The road to greatness isn’t going to be filled with good days. That’s not how greatness is formed.

Greatness is formed through the bad days AND the good days. 

Understand that the bad days happen for a reason. Learn why you’re bingeing, understand where things are falling short. Are you not sleeping enough? Are you not eating enough?  Are you over training? 

Embrace those shitty days. Have days when you FEEL like a failure, but never once think you ARE a failure. Because once you give in to the thought that you’re a failure, you’ve thrown the white flag up. Who cares if we think you’re great? What matters most - is what YOU think, and what YOU believe in.

I’m not perfect.

I have a shitty left kick because of my right knee injury and years of neglect on my hip mobility. I could kill someone with my right. But I think I couldn’t even scare off a little kitten with my left. It leaves me in shame training after training. 

But I let that fuel me. 

I train hard. I practice hard. I let my weaknesses fuel me.

Because I want to be better. I need to be better.

I don’t care about perfection. I care about progression.

And that… that is what gets me out of bed every damn day.


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