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10 ways to get past your plateau: Day #1

You step on the scale for the 3rd week. The numbers hardly budge… oh wait.. is that a weight gain? You sigh, you want to sink your teeth into a 1000 calorie cinnabon. (meow)

You feel like a failure, and you’re ready to defend your hard work .. "I’m sure I’m eating right! I haven’t had junk food in ages" "I swear I’ve been training diligently.." But remember this:

Plateaus ARE important. Sometimes we need to be faced with a wall, in order to BREAK through it.

Here are my top 10 go-to tips to get your scale moving once more, and I mean down wards. ;) .. ps. put down that cinnabon now! 

#1 Eat Lesser

When it comes to weight loss, calories are king. It’s science, and science doesn’t listen to how "clean" your diet has been. Sure, we know the health benefits of skipping out on junk food - mainly because it’s fully laden with insane amounts of calories (aside from cholesterol and saturated fat that will eventually cause health deterioration if consumed in excess).

But don’t kid yourself. You’re not “starving” if you skip out on that extra 700 calorie health sandwich you consume as a snack. Your metabolic rate wouldn’t hit rock bottom just because you aren’t eating 12 meals a day. If you’re not hungry, don’t stuff your face just because you think you need the calories (unless you’re training for a fitness/sports competition). That said, sure, we know that we need more than 1200 calories… but if you took the time to sat down to just calculate out your daily intake - you’d be amazed at how every little “munchie” adds up. 

Start by:

  1. Writing out a diary of everything you’ve eaten in a day (start by taking snapshots if you can’t remember whatever you’ve eaten at the end of the day)
  2. Use a calorie counting app/website (MyFitnessPal is great)
  3. Learn how many calories you require via online sites
  4. Start small with your caloric deficits (No you don’t need deserts at every meal) 
  5. Lower your calories no more than 200-300 a week
  6. If your weight still isn’t budging after a week - lower your calories again
  7. If that STILL isn’t working….

Stay tune for tip #2 coming up! ;)


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