bullied to brave.

Unbelievably surprised and pampered on by the two most important men in my life - Daddy, and Dave (who may be 4531 miles away in NYC, but is still very much present in my heart) I teared so many times, ESPECIALLY when I opened the fridge at midnight and saw Daddy’s cake. I crumbled on the floor and sobbed heavy babygirl tears. (OH YES I DID)

And the sneaky boyfriend, sneaaaaakkky one he is :) I have NO idea how he knew I was going to oversleep, so I made it just in time for the delivery guy to come. I was supposed to be in school, and if I missed the delivery man, there wasn’t even an alternative option! hahahhaa, <3 That man…. 

So I thought I was crying/laughing/blushing enough for the day.. then I got home, and mum told me our letter box was ravaged by the most ridiculously big package. And I was like.. NOOO. DAVE GOT ME A BUNNNYYY (kidding :> But no, really, if he did ;’D). 

<3 And I opened it….. BABY PINK M&M’S, specially designed with our initials and faces. <3333 I started sobbing all over again. 

I’m blessed, so incredibly blessed to have the most amazing men in my life. :)

I hope everyone’s having a good Valentine’s <3 With WHOMEVER you are spending it with.. Family, Girlfriends etc… Love is more than eros; Love is also philia, agape, and caritas <3 (Thanks Leah for that)

Happy Valentine’s Day Angels :) You are loved, you ARE loved. 

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