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Hey- through your weight loss/fitness journey did you ever hit a plateau? What did you do to shake things up? I'm kinda worried over here that my diet/exercise routine is creating a halt in my progress, but it could just be stress of finals (not having the time I want to really push myself in my workouts) Should I up cardio or up on weight training? I try to incorporate both for about an hour every day. some days I only have 20 min for cardio so I do a HIIT.

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Hi beautiful, I hit plateaus on a weekly basis. My body adapts so quickly, and is extremely sensitive to changes/plateauing. 

Here are my go to’s when I do hit a rut:

  1. Start sleeping 8 hours, or at the minimum 6.
  2. Take a full rest day. Not even active rest. Use the day to do things not related to nutrition/fitness. 
  3. Check your nutrition: Start to access and be honest with yourself. Most of the times, when I’m stressed out, my body tends to hold more water. This is the time I up my water intake, and cut back on the salt. 
  4. Do not up the cardio. Excessive amounts of long duration cardio isn’t beneficial to your body unless you’re training for a marathon or something that calls for heavy endurance work.
  5. Do you take alot of rests between your sets during weight training? Try shortening it the slightest bit. Even a few seconds makes the world of difference.
  6. What’s your current set/rep range? If you’ve always been doing 3 x 12. Try going to 5x5 (heavier weights), or even mix it up and do a week of heavy volume - triples, doubles and singles 3x3, 2x2 5x1.  
  7. Change your workout routine/splits: Are you always doing the same sets of exercises for your shoulders/legs etc? Switch it up! Visit my fav database site for some ideas and how-tos.
  8. Eat MOAR (within your macros). Sometimes, your body needs the extra calories to rev up its metabolism again. Trust me on this one. ;) 
  9. Have you been eating out alot lately? Cooking and prepping your own food makes a world of difference when it comes to managing your nutrition.
  10. Relieve your stress. Making out is my favorite method. Second place goes to watching lolcats for an hour before resuming the studies. :) 
Hope this helps gorgeous ;) Remember, plateaus aren’t forever. It’s a sign that your body needs to get to the next level.


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